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Living Benefits is a term used to describe a variety of benefits available to support financial independence when an injury or sickness occurs, and does not result in death. Living benefits include Disability Insurance and Critical Illness insurance.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance can provide monthly income while recovering from an injury or illness. Approximately one in five people will experience mental health illness that will take them away from work for 90 days or longer during their working career. Approximately one in three people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. It is a known fact that recovery from injury or illness is more successful and faster without financial stresses.

If you are a contractor or work in skilled trades, most worksites require that you have disability insurance should you get injured on someone else's worksite. If you are not covered for disability through your employer or WSIB, we can help provide that coverage. We can also top-up your disability benefits if you require more coverage than what your employee benefits provide.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance provides a tax free lump sum payment when someone is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. There are no strings attached to how the money is spent, and there is no reimbursement required when the person recovers.

Living Benefits Strategy

A person may use the tax free proceeds from critical illness insurance to cover debts and loans, while disability insurance can provide tax free income to pay for monthly expenses and/or business overhead expenses.
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