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Oliver Insurance Services has provided affordable travel insurance products to clients across Ontario for since 1996. Whether you need: Out of Country Emergency Medical travel insurance, In-Canada travel insurance, Visitor to Canada or Super Visa travel insurance, or Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance, we have a wide selection of products to meet client needs. We provide personalized service, and we are here when there is claim that needs special attention. We represent several reputable companies, and provide coverage for some of the most difficult cases to underwrite. We also have special plans that cover sports teams or groups traveling out of country or out of province. Most policies are vacation policies, but we also offer products for people working outside of Canada.

Out of Country Emergency Medical

Whether you plan a quick trip across the border for shopping or travel south for the winter, we offer a wide variety of travel insurance plans to meet your needs. We offer single trip and multi-trip annual emergency medical travel insurance, as well as top-ups and extensions for existing coverage. Many companies offer emergency medical coverage for new medical conditions that take place after departure. The real task is in providing coverage for pre-existing conditions. We will help you find the best coverage for pre-existing medical conditions and recent medical changes. We have a wide range of products available with various stability periods for pre-existing conditions, and in some cases only eligibility questions are required and no other medical questions. For people who don’t have concerns about pre-existing conditions, we also offer policies that do not include coverage for pre-existing conditions (No Pre-Ex policy).

In Canada Emergency Medical

Many people have concerns about traveling within Canada and this coverage is very economical compared to out of country. Most (not all) provinces have reciprocal agreements in place with OHIP and anything that would have been covered by OHIP at home would be covered in most other provinces. However, there are many things that OHIP does not cover. Simple things like casts and crutches are relatively inexpensive. Things like ground and air ambulance are much more expensive in other provinces. Also, there are the details like return of automobile benefits, and emergency flights home that can be expensive. The insurance, however, is not. The value in this plan can also be found by letting the insurance company handle all of the paperwork between OHIP and another province or territory from which you had a claim. Without insurance, the OHIP paperwork can be time consuming and tedious.

Trip Cancellation and Interruption

Typically it is best to purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance within a few days of a trip becoming non-refundable. The purpose of Trip Cancellation insurance is to provide reimbursement of pre-paid expenses relating to a trip such as airline ticket, cruise ticket, and accommodations. If you cannot go on the trip due to unforeseen circumstances, the purpose of Trip Cancellation Insurance is meant to cover out of pocket expenses. It is important to know that claims related to pre-existing conditions may not be covered.

Trip Interruption insurance generally becomes effective at the time of departure and is often included with our Trip Cancellation insurance. If you or your travelling companion need to return home due to an unforeseen circumstance, or your trip is delayed for a certain period of time, Trip Interruption insurance is meant to cover the expenses of bringing you back home as soon as possible, or with helping you rejoin your trip. Please note these expenses usually must be pre-approved by the insurance company. Some of the things that may be covered might include death or serious illness of a close family member at home, house fire, unreasonable flight delays which you require a hotel, etc. Please read your policy booklet for specific coverages.

In some cases, Trip Cancellation and Interruption insurance also covers losses of lost or stolen baggage.

Visitor to Canada and Super Visa

When people come to Canada for a short visit or if they are immigrating here, they are not covered by our Government Health Insurance Plans (GHIP). It is wise for them to consider a Visitor to Canada insurance plan. It can be arranged in advance or upon arrival. It is always best to buy this prior to arriving in Canada. However, if they choose to buy after they arrive in Canada, a short exclusion period may be applied. After that, there may be some temporary conditions in effect. If the visitor is working in Canada, it may be possible that we can arrange disability insurance also.

When applying for a Super Visa in Canada, it is a requirement to have a minimum of $100,000 in medical coverage. Super Visa plans have two options: one offers coverage for pre-existing conditions, and we have one that does not cover pre-existing conditions (No Pre-Ex policy), and our policies have a variety of deductible options.

Note: Visitor to Canada insurance and Super Visa insurance both exclude coverage in the insured's country of origin.
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