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Health & Dental

Health and Dental

Personal health insurance plans can be purchased for an individual or family as an individual health plan or business owners can purchase group health insurance for employees and their families. There is a gap between what OHIP covers and the needs of most people, and health insurance plans help fill some of those gaps.

Health Plans

While most insurance companies offer a few different plan levels, basic plans will often cover ambulance, some vision care, and paramedical services such as chiropractor, massage therapy, chiropractor, etc.


Dental benefits can be added as an option.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drug coverage can be added as an option. While the purpose of insurance is to cover new conditions that arise in the future, some companies offer coverage for pre-existing medications. Most people in Ontario choose to have prescription drugs covered until at least age 65, when the Ontario Drug Benefit then begins and covers most, but not all, prescription drugs.

Individual & Group Health Coverage

Most self-employed or contract workers do not have access to a good cost effective way to purchase health benefits. We offer a great range of products from reputable Canadian companies. Small incorporated businesses can expense the premiums and get an income tax deduction. There is also an income tax benefit for small businesses that are not incorporated.

Group Health Benefits

Many employers are looking for cost effective ways to attract and retain quality employees. We offer several plans and options from several reputable companies. Please provide some basic information by contacting us through the link below and we will contact you.

Health Plan Strategies

We can offer a range of benefits from basic to comprehensive coverage, with or without dental coverage, prescription drug coverage, or vision care.